An A – Z of Medical Spas in Europe


The Place: Kurhotel Skodsburg, North Zealand, Copenhagen
Kurhotel Skodsborg is situated in a beautiful part of North Zealand, the wealthiest area of Copenhagen in between the ocean and the forest, also bordering Dyrehaven, one of the most exquisite UNESCO Heritage nature reserves in Denmark. Skodsborg is located a 20-minute drive from central Copenhagen attracting high-end social hub of locals as well as international guests. Originally a sanatorium founded by Dr. Carl Ottosen in 1898, today it is a luxury spa hotel.

The Philosophy
Ottosen’s philosophies are based on the simple principles for a healthy life – light, air, water, nutrition, exercise and rest. These live on at Skodsborg and have been further developed into new efficient treatments.
Life at Kurhotel Skodsborg still revolve around these founding principles and exemplifies the simplicity and wholesome nature of Nordic lifestyle and culture.

This year the property was re-launched.

Top Treatments
‘SaunaGus’ is the star treatment, an aromatherapy sauna, where a ‘Gusmester’ infuses the air with pure essential oils giving a mild scent that, combined with the heat, enhances relaxation and tranquillity. Each session finishes by diving into the Baltic Sea which from the extreme heat, pushes both physical and mental limits. This treatment is popular with local guests and often booked months in advance.

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The Place: Buchinger Wilhelmi, Lake Constance
Buchinger Wilhelmi is a family-owned wellness retreat on the shores of Lake Constance.It has unveiled new suites which overlook Lake Constance. New landscaped gardens now feature Kniepp circulation pools and a textured walking path that stimulates the metabolism through pressure points in the feet.

The Philosophy:
“Re-booting” the body and mind. This retreat specialises in therapeutic fasting and integrative medicine based on a holistic approach. Here physical and culture activities throughout a stay are of paramount importance and include yoga, hiking, meditation, music concerts, art classes, cooking demonstrations and pampering spa treatments. 

The retreat’s team comprises seven doctors who offer an array of specialisms from rheumatology, naturopathy, homeopathy and diabetes, as well as massage therapists, counsellors, nutritionists and personal trainers, all of whom help to empower individuals to push their ‘reset’ button.
Buchinger Wilhelmi was founded by Dr Otto Buchinger who was a medical doctor, philosopher and pioneer of medical fasting.

Top treatments:
Therapeutic fasting programmes – although fasting is not mandatory, other programmes are available

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The Place: Grotta Giusti, Fonteverde and Bagni di Pisa.

All three spas are set in historic Tuscan villas which were former homes of notable figures including the Medici family, the Grand Duke of Tuscany and poet Giuseppe Giusti. All three are located above natural thermal springs whose healing properties have been known since ancient times and whose waters have induced Gustav of Sweden, George IV of England and Mary Shelley, amongst others.

With diet and lifestyle largely credited to be the cause of Sardinia’s high number of centenarians, guests of Italian Hospitality Collection’s three Tuscan spa hotels benefit from a wellness programme inspired by the island’s longevity.

Equilibrium is a wellness programme designed by Italian Hospitality Collection’s award-winning health expert, Dr Fortunati. It is designed to reduce internal inflammation, improve gut health and rebalance the body and immune system through PNEI principles (psycho-neuro-endocrino-immunology) which focus on the relationship between the mind, nervous system, endocrine system and immune system.

Top Treatments
The three and seven day Equilibrium courses offer a fully integrated programme of nutritional coaching, cookery classes, a gut supporting diet, fitness classes and relaxation techniques to help guests rediscover the meaning of healthy living and learn how to continue it once back ay home. Thermal treatments using both thermal mud and the hotels’ natural thermal waters are also included.

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The Place: Acquaforte Sardinia
Acquaforte’s new medical spa opens in October 2017 in association with the Thalasso Research Centre at Milan University. This Medical Spa is located within 120 acres of gardens on the shores of the Mediterranean

In addition to the subtropical climate and the availability of organic local superfoods, the medical team offers four tailor-made programmes lasting 4 or 7 days plus a daily activity programme. The programmes are tailored under 4 categories: Anti-Ageing, Thalasso Detox, Staying Healthy and Weight Loss

Specific Treatments include:
Forte Lab – Medical Diagnosis & Laser Therapy – Dr Angelo Cerina uses the latest diagnostic procedures to provide a full health assessment
Performance Enhancement Centre, Personal Training & Gym – A centre for amateur and professional sports players with personalised schedules to improve individual sports performance or weight loss
Nutrition – Nutritionist Elisabetta Orsi specialises in Nutraceutics – Food to feel good, healthy and improve performance
Traditional Beauty & Aesthetic Treatments – Oxygen therapy, Microdermabrasion, LPG, Radio-frequency, Carboxytherapy and Hyaluronic Acid Revitalisation.

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The Place: Preidlhof Hotel & Spa, South Tyrol

Located in Naturns, Preidlhof is built into the hillside surrounded by orchards, vines, olive trees and subtropical plant.

The comprehensive 5000m² Spa and Wellness facility consists of six floors dedicated to 16 different sauna, steam and relaxation experiences, as well as 14 spa treatment rooms.

Spa and on-site medical experts offer a wide range of natural health, medical and beauty treatments.

Top Treatments
The 5-night “Preidl Health Check” programme – includes craniosacral therapy, PREIDL harmony massage, Shiatsu, medical acupuncture, a medical abdomen examination, consultations, life coaching and relaxation in the Deep Sea Room.

The 10-night “Preidl Detox” programme – includes medical consultations with prognos, infusion therapies, visceral osteopathy, lymphatic drainage, maritime phytotherapy, alkali correction and alkaline diet, cooking workshop, and relaxation in the Deep Sea Room.

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The Place: Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa, located on Marbella’s Golden Mile.

Andalusia-inspired architecture provides the backdrop for the range of facilities which include a hydrotherapy pool, a cold plunge pool, heat and ice experience showers with different types of water flow and mood lighting, herbal steam room, sauna and hammam.

An outdoor area features a further three treatment rooms, swing cabanas overlooking the sea and a space for guests to reconnect with the surrounding nature and environment.

Puente Romano is home to Spain’s only Six Senses Spa, offering signature massages, facials and body treatments, wellness therapies to relax and rejuvenate after a day’s activities. 

Top Treatments
Locally inspired options combine indigenous herbs with sea salt, olive oil and rich minerals to offer Mediterranean experiences.

Six Senses Spas plan to introduce a series of yogic programs and integrated wellness retreats, delivering highly personalized solutions to guests looking to achieve specific health goals.

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The Place: SHA Wellness Clinic, Alicante, Spain
This award-winning clinic is located in the hills of Alicante overlooking the Mediterranean. Here the team is dedicated to improving health and well-being through a fusion of ancient Eastern techniques, traditional therapies and the latest scientific advances in medical care. This year, the clinic will launch its first ever residences

Philosophy: Fusion of ancient treatments, modern therapies with scientific advances to achieve award status

Top Treatments:
Brain Training, Anti-Stress, Anti-Smoking, Detox, Oxygen Bar and Cryotherapy

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The Place: Healthouse Las Dunas
A selection of medical programmes include quit-smoking, weight loss and detox. The spa retreat boasts unrivalled facilities, surrounded by lush gardens and panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the African coast.  

A combination of the latest medical and wellbeing therapies, relaxing exercises, world class food and spa treatments aim to leave guests feeling completely revitalised with a new lease on life.

Top Treatments:
Indiba Treatment:
The INDIBA®Deep Beauty method is an exclusive patented technology that optimizes the ion exchange so that the cells regain their natural function. The skin tissue recovers its elasticity, the method decreases fat and improves oxygenation. It has highly beneficial effects for the body: modeling of the silhouette, bending tensile action, an anti-cellulite effect, anti-stress and anti-flaccidity.

Manual Aquatic Massage:
A transformation of the classic massage which takes place in an individual bathtub. This uses a pressurized jet which massages muscles directed by one of Healthouse Las Dunas’ skilled therapists.
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The Place: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is a leading wellbeing and medical health resort.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has partnered with Harald Kitz, the innovative creator of the haki method, a holistic concept focused on the head, to offer four new exclusive haki® rituals in a brand-new, specially designed treatment suite. The four new restorative treatments have been created to help re-establish natural balance and to strengthen guests’ emotional and physical wellbeing and can be enjoyed individually or as a couple.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz started offering guests haki-inspired treatments in 2014, with the haki® Flow Deluxe treatment, which was named “Best in Switzerland” in the “Best Signature Treatment” category of the 2016 European Health & Spa Awards. 

This year, the resort has expanded its range of haki services and created a globally unique treatment suite, combining space, music, sound, colours, fragrances and thermal water to help guests find their rhythm during this unique experience of haki® -The Art of Touch.

Top Treatments:
The haki® – Reconciliation treatment is the most comprehensive of the four rituals and offers guests the chance to strengthen their body, mind and soul. The ritual begins in the Room of the Senses, which uses darkness to help guests focus on inner mindfulness. Guests then wash any troubled thoughts or negative energy away in the Rain Hall, where the warm, healing thermal water is cleansing and releasing. The third step is characterised by touch through foam and compress massages, thermal water affusions and a warm, full-body oil treatment, followed by a haki treatment to release pressure and tension from the body. The rituals end with a period of calm until it is time to return to the outside world, with a new level of consciousness.

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The Place:
Nescens Spa at Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa in Interlaken, Switzerland
This 5,500sqm spa is the second Nescens Spa in the world, the first having opened at La Réserve Geneva last April. 

The Philosophy:
The Nescens Spa at Victoria-Jungfrau adopts the philosophy created by Professor Jacques Proust.  With an understanding of the biological mechanics of ageing, he created specific and targeted programmes that help individuals correct personal imbalances and adopt a better-ageing lifestyle. The programmes help guests lose weight, manage stress levels and gain a new level of vitality with a suitable, highly personalised health prevention plan. Along with drawing on the scientific and medical expertise of the Nescens brand, Nescens work with the Centre for the Prevention of Aging at the Clinique de Genolier (Switzerland).  

Every programme begins with an in-depth diagnostic phase. This assessment is conducted by the spa’s multi-disciplinary team (preventive medicine, osteopathy, nutrition) to enable an holistic better-ageing overview of the individual. The Nescens better-ageing programmes are then created to help the individual correct these imbalances and adopt a better-ageing lifestyle. 

Popular treatments include:
Better-Ageing Signature Face Massage: A complete anti-ageing strategy, combining efficiency and wellbeing. Using exclusive manual and mechanical lifting techniques, this treatment helps to stimulate circulation and effective facial drainage. The epidermal exercise programme includes the better-ageing face massage which activates collagen and elastin production. Skin is revived and radiance, elasticity and firmness are restored.

Balneotherapy using a selection of essential oils for slimming, detoxifying, regenerating, or relaxing treatments.

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