• The Healthy Shores of Majorca & Ibiza

    The Healthy Shores of Majorca & Ibiza

    Against a backdrop of sunshine, beaches, culture and gastronomy, the Balearic islands are prescribing medicinal additives to visitor experiences. From sports physiotherapy, fertility, dentistry, ophthalmology, preventive medicine, to dialysis facilities and increased private medical services, the islands have plans to …
  • Healthy Tenerife

    Healthy Tenerife

    The Tenerife Tourism Corporation is gearing up to promote the island’s medical, health & wellness tourism offering. Visitors to Tenerife will benefit from a range of top quality medical, surgical and wellbeing treatments at very competitive prices, due to the …
  • Can Bonastre Wine Resort, Barcelona

    Can Bonastre Wine Resort, Barcelona

    This destination is located in the heart of Barcelona‚Äôs Wine District, near the Montserrat Mountain. The resort harvests its grapes from the surrounding Penedes Vineyards in order to garantee quality local wines. The Can Bonastre Acbua Wine & Beauty Spa …
  • Mas Salagros Eco-resort & Aire Ancient Baths, Barcelona

    Mas Salagros Eco-resort & Aire Ancient Baths, Barcelona

    Located just outside of Barcelona, this destination is the first Eco-resort in Spain to become a member of Bio Hotels, the principal association of ecological hotels in Europe. This resort is 100% organic and offers guests a wide range of …
  • SHA Wellness Clinic Medical Spa Resort

    SHA Wellness Clinic Medical Spa Resort

    The award-winning SHA Wellness Clinic is an international pioneering wellness clinic dedicated to significantly improving and prolonging health and wellbeing. Regarded as one of the best medical spas in Europe, SHA combines natural therapies originating from ancient Eastern wisdom with …

Tourism highlights

  • Spain


    Paella and tapas, lively fiestas, siestas, sundrenched beaches, and a distinctive combination of art and history paint the iconic portrait of Spain. Located on the southwest shore of Europe and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the western side and …

Essential Facts

  • Essential Facts Spain

    Essential Facts Spain

    Airport: Within Spain, numerous airports occupy the region. As the largest and busiest airport in Spain, Madrid Barajas is 12 kilometers from the centre of Madrid. The second largest airport in the country is Barcelona Airport, or El Prat, which …