Wellness India

  • Amanbagh, Rajasthan

    Amanbagh, Rajasthan

    Mughal-inspired Amanbagh is a Rajasthani retreat set among the Aravalli mountain range, 90 minutes from Jaipur with the Bengal tiger sanctuary of Sariska National Park is a short drive away. Each of the 40 suites and pavilions has a private …
  • RAAS Devigarh, Rajasthan

    RAAS Devigarh, Rajasthan

    Nestled in the Aravalli Hills of India’s Udaipur area lies the RAAS Devigarh, an 18th century palace which has been transformed into a five star luxury hotel in Rajasthan, offering 39 unique suites, complemented by spacious gardens and courtyards. Its …
  • For a relaxing Ayurvedic based experience – Tibetan Healing- Dehradun

    For a relaxing Ayurvedic based experience – Tibetan Healing- Dehradun

    DEHRADUN, INDIA The Vana Malsi Estate is a wellness retreat on a 21-acre estate in Dehradun, India. Surrounded by the nature of the forest and hills of Mussoorie, yet close to the town of Dehradun, Vana offers a relaxing urban …
  • Max Healthcare, Delhi, India

    Max Healthcare, Delhi, India

    Overview: The hospital is part of a group of 12 hospitals and is currently expanding its facilities. The group has over 1900 beds and 11 top hospitals in Delhi-NCR, Punjab and Uttarakhand, 2100 world-class doctors and 9300 support staff, Max …

  • India Tourism Highlights

    India Tourism Highlights

    Curries and spices, lively festivals, glittering saris and magnificent architecture give India its iconic identity. Located in South Asia, India is a massive country bursting with the kind of colour, flavour, and history that is impossible to replicate. Rajasthan, in …
  • India’s colourful culture

    India’s colourful culture

      DELHI A forty-five minute drive from Indira Gandhi International Airport amid tuk tuks, old fashioned Morris cars, trailers and cows lead you to the centre of Delhi. The narrow streets, merchants and street vendors, museums and monuments of the …