Peruvian Healing


From healing spa treatments from indigenous Andean plants and herbs to cleansing ceremonies bathed in mystical culture, the Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel is offering wellness experiences that allow guests to connect with the cosmic energy of ancient Peruvian civilisations, while touring nearby natural and cultural sites.

Treatments focus on local ingredients and curative Peruvian traditions. Pinda-style massages use warmed compresses loaded with Andean natural medicinal herbs and therapeutic natural scrubs use pink salt from Maras, an ingredient used over the years  by the Incas for its high mineral content.

Other indigenous ingredients include Muña, renowned for being a digestive aid as well as its soothing and calming effects on aches, pains and arthritis. Coca leaves are loaded with vitamins, protein, calcium, iron and fibre that help to counter the effects of high altitude in the Andes. Quinoa, the Andean powerhouse grain, is loaded with amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, fibre, antioxidants and phytonutrients and has been used for its health benefits for thousands of years in Peru and was the nucleus of the Inca diet. Treatments using quinoa tap the nutritional benefits to prevent premature aging of sensitive and dehydrated skin.

The other spiritual and wellness experiences, beyond the hotel, connect guests with the cosmic energy of ancient Peruvian civilisations with visits to natural and cultural sites. The Machu Picchu Mystical Tour takes guests to the historic sanctuary with a local shaman who uses his natural gifts to help them discover the spiritual and  natural energy sources that surround Machu Picchu.

Guests can also participate in the Payment to the Earth Ritual.This traditional practice of making offerings to Pachamama, or Mother Earth, has been passed down from the time of the Incas, as Ancient Peruvians held Pachamama sacred. This ritual remains a part of daily life for many locals in surrounding regions of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. With a shaman and private interpreter as guides, guests can discover a realm beyond the physical world and become more open to emotional and spiritual healing.

Mexican Mindfulness

_medium-sized_1288080_NIZUC SPA by ESPA

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing awareness on the present moment. Mexico’s Mayan civilisation were masters at mindfulness, constantly observing their surroundings and the stars, studying rhythm and flow of the Universe to understand the meaning of life.

NIZUC Spa by ESPA has launched a holistic treatment menu based around Mayan mindfulness which include a Mindful Massage, a Mindful Facial, a Couple’s Mindful Journey and a three-day Be Mindful programme that includes a signature NIZUC Thermal Experience, mindful treatments, yoga or meditation and juicing. These Mayan Mindfulness treatments begin with a guided breathing and visualisation session to revitalise and promote wellbeing, connecting the mind and spirit with the body for holistic wellbeing.

Every spa treatment begins with the NIZUC Thermal Experience, a guided hydrotherapy circuit which includes aromatic steam room, invigorating showers, sauna, ice fountain with cool mist shower, vitality pool with hydro-massage, cold plunge pool, solarium and thermic loungers where guests can relax and enjoy a scalp massage.

Located within the luxurious NIZUC Resort and Spa, Mindfulness treatments sit well in area once sacred to the ancient Mayans. It is the first ESPA branded spa in the Mexican Caribbean and offers the internationally renowned brand combined with the ancient healing rituals of the Mayans.

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Wellness takes root in Al Zorah, Ajman

Rendering Image of EZ Wellness Center, operated by The LifeCo at Al Zorah
Al Zorah, a premier mixed-use development by Solidere International and the Government of Ajman, sets another milestone with EZ Wellness Centre at the ground-breaking ceremony of the inaugural EZ Wellness Centre in the GCC region to be operated by The LifeCo.

Conceived as a place to unwind the clock of modern life and become one with nature, The EZ Wellness Center (EZW), is set amidst a natural environment and on the highest point of the 18-hole Nicklaus-Design Al Zorah Golf Club, allowing guests to enjoy breath-taking views of the creek and two million square metres of natural mangroves officially recognised by the Ramsar Convention – home to over 118 species of birds and diverse marine-life.

The LifeCo brand is associated with rejuvenation and wellness based on a holistic approach, supporting natural therapies with spa facilities and professional medical staff. Popular for its unique detoxing and health centres in Phuket, Thailand and Turkey, EZ Wellness Centre by The LifeCo at Al Zorah will be a welcoming retreat for residents and GCC visitors.

Mohammed Ameer Said, the lead partner of EZ Wellness said: “We are thrilled to mark the ground breaking of The EZ Wellness Centre at Al Zorah and will be building the brand’s award-winning concept for the first time in the GCC. Other EZ Wellness facilities will follow soon in other GCC countries. The centre will be designed to blend with Al Zorah’s dedication to state-of-the-art infrastructure and reverence for the environment. The EZ Wellness Centre at Al Zorah aims to provide a more personalised experience through its revolutionary and innovative programmes to all residents and guests. Al Zorah was selected due to its unique location, naturally protected zone and healthy uncontaminated air which is a catalyst to quick healing. This centre should be the health destination for local UAE residents, GCC and global travellers taking advantage of the great accessibility through Dubai airports with a capacity of up to 70 million passengers.”

The LifeCo Founder, Ersin Pamuksüzer, said: “The LifeCo’s renowned 360-degree holistic approach combined with Al Zorah’s relaxed surroundings will address the growing needs of people trying to prevent and cope with modern lifestyle diseases. The comprehensive wellness center at Al Zorah will reinforce the importance of physical and mental well-being for a quality life. With individualized health and beauty treatments, as well as advise on nutrition, weight control, exercise and stress management – residents and visitors will be able to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Al Zorah is a coveted mixed-use coastal living destination with a natural setting providing an ideal location for families and individuals to regain health, fitness and youth. The LifeCo Wellness Centre at Al Zorah will offer individualised services to meet every need, from beauty treatments, stress management and exercise, to nutrition advice, weight control and diagnostics for a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness journeys in Sri Lanka

The Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort is offering 7-day wellness journeys based on the guiding philosophies of Ayurveda, and designed to balance and nourish mental and physical health.

With coconut palms lining the Sri Lankan coastline, this is a place to escape modern life, to re-centre and unwind at a slower pace and the setting to transform using the resort’s 3-pillars of mindfulness, deep sleep and self-care.

Each of the wellness journeys is tailored according to individual doshas and vikruti, (current imbalances) after a consultation with the Resident Ayurveda Doctor which addresses, holistically, exercise, diet, sleep, stress and relaxation needs. A week-long journey of coaching with personal yogis, life coaches, trainers and chefs culminates with a long-term plan for continued wellness back home.

According to Dr. Jayachandran Thampi, “These guided programmes are designed to balance and introduce the benefits of Ayurveda; perhaps leading to a deeper immersion upon return. Complemented by Yoga, healing arts and ayurvedic nutritional guidance they introduce the concept of ‘holism’ – not just evaluating our physical state, but along with it the more esoteric elements of being. Through our personalised approach, we gently ease guests through the process of healing.”

Each ayurvedic retreat offers a holistic journey of distinct benefits. Collectively these programmes encompass an ideal of happiness – a healthy balance of body, mind and spirit.

The Rebuilding Detox programme consists of two spa treatments daily using medicated herbs suited to your doshas. Virechana Karma evacuates toxins from the gut. The programme also includes detoxing the mind with three energy healing sessions, two life coaching appointments, a painting lesson with a local artisan, and daily journal keeping.

The Inner Harmony programme consists of three energy healing sessions, two coaching sessions with the Doctor of Ayurveda to understand individual lifestyle choices based on your doshas, ayurvedic nutrition counselling, daily spa treatments, local excursions, and a contemplative environment with technology blackout and journal keeping.

The Deep Sleep programme consists of two in-room slumber guru rituals, three energy healing sessions, two coaching sessions with the Doctor of Ayurveda to understand your lifestyle choices based on your doshas, and ayurvedic nutrition counselling. Unwind with daily spa treatments, a guided excursion to a local Buddhist temple, a painting session with a local artisan, and yoga sessions with the resident yogi.

The Natural Weight programme consists of invigorating daily exercise including four personal trainer sessions and a half day of surfing. Nutritional changes are recommended based on your doshas, with Eating for Balance counselling and life coaching according to ayurvedic principles to discover the ayurvedic approach to healthy weight management and vitality. Daily spa treatments, energy healing, and guided excursions to Buddhist temples are also included .

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Dubai’s Healthy Partnership

Hotel Lobby 2

World-class spas, wellness centres and health facilities will be key to the new partnership between Emirates Holidays and the Dubai Health Authority’s Health Tourism Council who are joining forces to offer visitors tailor-made health and wellness holidays in Dubai.

With the aim to attract more than 500,000 medical tourists by 2020, this new collaboration addresses the increasing demand for health and wellness tourism, leveraging on Dubai’s infrastructure for the wellness market to create a unique destination for health-conscious travellers.

Packages will includes return flights on Emirates, a three to four day stay at a hotel property renowned for its health and wellness facilities, a selection of spa and wellness treatments, including a health and wellness programme tailored to the client’s specific needs and daily meals. Initially, the two properties will include DNA Health at Madinat Jumeirah and Rayya Wellness Retreat at the Retreat Palm Dubai, M Gallery by Sofitel.

The health and wellness packages are being launched in association with Dubai Health Experience (DXH), a brand conceived by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to strengthen the medical facilities in Dubai and strengthen the position of Dubai on the world map of medical tourism.

Emirates Holidays will focus on Kuwait and KSA as the initial markets for its wellness holidays with the intention to expand this to other markets over time.

A Focus on Wellness at The Arabian Travel Market

health and wellness tourism pic
It’s easy to talk about wellness but very different to experience it. Wellness is not an isolated event, travel is not just a trip. Combined, wellness travel has followed the experiential route where guests have tried and tested cultural paths, hotels and services. Trends in wellness travel were on the agenda at the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai, where, together with the Global Wellness Institute, visitors and delegates focused on the subject and were treated to a range of wellness experiences billed as “transformation tourism”.

Transformation travel means making an impression, causing a change, a shift in behaviour and acknowledging it. This trend towards more emotional involvement can be illustrated by “Get Lost” packages, a form of self-survival and the exhilaration that follows from finding one’s self, or from the inward reflection found through monastery wellness. Taking this trend to extremes, smart wellness screening is now available and analyses results with DNA and loads onto an app for lifestyle integration and monitoring.

Travel is moving in a direction to affect travellers from the inside, not the tourist from the outside merely looking in. A visit to the perfume museum in Paris for example is not about a whiff from a bottle but more about identifying a reaction to scents and creating one of your own. At The Retreat Palm Dubai, health can be inhaled from its new oxygen bar with guests opting for certain emotions through essential oils.

Therapies are presented in creative art forms. Colour analysis, laughing yoga, guided visualisation and positive thinking are now integrated into wellness programmes. Singing bowls and gongs are acknowledged as vibration healing and as windows to our health, the art of Iridology charts our organs to assess our body condition.

The ancient Ayurveda medicine retains its importance today, where our health, past and current is examined through pulse diagnosis and traditional treatments prescribed to rebalance our doshas. Recognised by emperors over 3,000 years ago, Chinese medicine is renowned for its natural therapies from herbal concoctions to acupuncture to open the chakras, stimulate the meridian network and activate healing through the body.

And to destinations where wellness lives in a broader context, the diverse cultures of the Caribbean are not found within the spa. Instead wellness is found outdoors in the sunny climes, creating Olympian champions, musicians like Rhiannon and Bob Marley and music genres such as reggae and calypso, providing spiritual and uplifting rhythmic sounds.

The natural resources of Iceland form the backdrop to a new wellness resort heading to its shores where emotional states of contemplation, exposure, confrontation, clarity and enlightenment await those heading to The Red Mountain Resort which is under development. Dramatic architecture entwined with the wild volcanic landscape promises to create a mystical, multi-sensual experience within the solace of a glacier with rain curtains, ice pools and wind tunnels.

Millennials naturally embrace wellness in everyday life and are driving this trend. The younger generation seek elevated experiences that improve on their daily practices. In future we will see more engagement of people’s emotions and immersion into wellness.

Hotels rooms are no longer limited to sleeping dens for business travellers. Hilton Hotels has piloted in-room fitness facilities in selected hotels in America. These fitness kiosks are achieving a high take up, proving that health is high on the wish list for guests rather than sitting back and watching TV with room service. Dubai Health Experience has partnered with Emirates Holidays to offer packages combining medical with tourism to address the growing interest in health travel.

Wellness journeys are moving forward, colliding with cultures and treading pilgrimages to ancient sites. This year sees more mindful walks through amazing territories like the Himalayas and the first multi-lodge wellness circuit with the launch of Six Senses Bhutan, the home to the barometer of happiness. Adding to the Six Senses version of wellness, Anna Bjurstam, VP of Spas & Wellness comments, “While we are heading in several new directions, such as our urban wellness retreats in NYC, a focus on multi-property wellness circuits will be a much bigger priority. People want far more immersive journeys and experiences, particularly wellness travellers: those transformative epiphanies that come from stepping into a story larger than themselves”.

Once upon a time, wellness was known for spa treatments. Today this concept has spread its wings far and wide to invade our lifestyles, transform our habits and immerse us on a wellness journey.

Jane Wilson, Editor of The Healthcare Holiday attended the Arabian Travel Market.

The annual Arabian Travel Market (ATM) in Dubai is the leading travel and tourism event in the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals. The event includes a dedicated Wellness & Spa Lounge for international suppliers and buyers.

Wellness in the Caribbean


The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has declared 2018 as the Year of Wellness and Rejuvenation. The region’s diverse tropical landscape with mountain ranges, valleys and volcanoes, provide a range of opportunities for all ages and physical abilities from health walks and water-based health-related activities in its member-countries throughout the year.

“For those who focus on renewing body and spirit, the options are virtually endless; from beachfront workouts and yoga retreats, to wellness resorts and spa treatments, the notion of being rejuvenated in the Caribbean is one more reason to let us pamper you in 2018,” added Hugh Riley the Secretary General.

Healthy options in the Caribbean are endless from diagnostics to the highest level of medical care, according to Carol Day, Director of Marketing UK & Europe. “We provide a proactive approach through nutrition, diet, fitness and for those who are competitive – half-marathons, triathlons, sailing, and fishing. We are also very proud of our natural resources which include mineral baths, sulphur springs, hiking trails, and activities such as trekking through rain forests that embrace our culture and heritage. There is a plethora of health products such as chocolate, coffee, nutmeg, aloe vera, ginger, fever-grass and mint which are included as ingredients in soaps, scrubs, oils, ointments, candles and event repellents. The Caribbean – truly the place to detox your mind, body and soul”

Through the focused campaign this year , the CTO, its member countries and private sector partners will highlight the Caribbean as the leading choice for wellness and rejuvenation.

About the Caribbean Tourism Organization
For more information on the Caribbean Tourism Organization, please visit Get the latest updates and connect with CTO via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

The CTO’s vision is to position the Caribbean as the most desirable, year round, warm weather destination, and its purpose is Leading Sustainable Tourism – One Sea, One Voice, One Caribbean.

Exhibiting Health and Wellness Tourism at The Arabian Travel Market

ATM Logo 2018

What do James Bond, King Herod the Great, Audrey Hepburn and Antonio Banderas have in common. If you attended the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai this year, the answer was clearly exhibited throughout the show in the form of Wellness. From healing waters in Slovenia, mud baths in Jordan, balneotherapy in Bulgaria and longevity in Portugal, Ayurveda in India and oxygen bars in Dubai, this rapidly growing sector was omnipresent on the stands, immersed in destinations, tucked into trade brochures and highlighted as the new developing sector.

Centuries-old, or the new boy on the block, resorts, treatments, therapies and destinations were on display and eager to be visible with new products under the Wellness umbrella.

As a first-time exhibitor, The Burgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa has revived Alpine health with four new hotels perched 500 metres above Lake Lucerne, all enjoying lake views and accessible by boat only – no car fumes, no pollution! And with legendary names Audrey Hepburn and Sophie Loren linked to the area, this is fashionable wellness inscribed on the map. Also opening its doors is The Retreat Palm Dubai with its Rayya spa, designed on the principles of Feng Shui, scattered with aloe vera plants and oxygen bars flavoured essential oils and a range of rejuvenation packages on offer.

Dating back to the Romans, medieval gentry and alchemists, the healthy waters of Slovenia have packaged medical tourism and today integrate its natural resources into medical health programmes. Jordan is renowned for its minerals and super salty waters of the Dead Sea and days long gone attracted King Herod the Great and Queen Cleopatra who were fans of the healing and purifying benefits of the muddy waters and natural thermal pools. The ancient science of Ayurveda and yoga retreats were high on the agenda on India’s stand.

Drink, bathe and be happy is the motto at Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, one of the oldest traditional hotels in Central Europe where the water is said to be 30,000 years old and where traditional treatments are used for today’s range of diseases and ailments. Guests from the silver screen have included Gregory Peck, Sharon Stone, Antonio Banderas while the hotel itself has been filmed as a backdrop for Casino Royale.

Wellness had a healthy presence on the stand with the Savoy Westend Hotel Medical Spa Resort, the Spa Hotel Thermal and its unique salt cave, the Imperial Karlovy Vary Group
and Radon Spa, Jachymov, which in 1906 was the first radon spa in the world and continues to offer specialist treatments.

Other Wellness exhibitors included the spa capital of Bulgaria, Velingrad, with its 80 mineral springs making it one of the most visited balneological resorts in the country, Longevity Health and Wellness offering two specialist resorts in Villamora, Portugal, the dedicated LifeClass Hotels & Spa and Medical Spa Resort Rogaska in Slovenia

Offering the latest in beauty and ageing treatments, Clinic Lemanic were present on the Switzerland stand, Poland showcased its Polish health centres and for a luxury setting there was the Divini Collection of Hotels on the Greece stand. R Hotels represented the newest dedicated Wellness resort The Retreat, Palm Dubai while Sri Lanka’s boutique hotel The Reef Villa & Spa offered a first introduction into holistic treatments.

Ensuring it is addressing tourism trends, bringing Wellness & Spa to the fore, ATM staged its specialist Wellness & Spa Lounge, now in its third year for international suppliers arranging pre-scheduled appointments over two days during the show. And making it easier for wellness buyers, these included, The Chenot Palace Health Wellness Hotel, Azerbaijan, L’Albereta Relais & Chateau, Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara, NG Sapanca Wellness, Santani Resort & Spa, Soukya International Holistic Health Centre in Bangalore, The Begnas Lake Resort & Villas and Himalayan Nature Spa and Velaa Private Island, Maldives

Wellness has now carved its name into destinations and is rising as a halo area in tourism. The trade has been proactive in developing this trend and has firmly entrenched this sector in the industry. “ATM showcases destinations and resorts centred around Wellness. This is an important growth area especially with a global spotlight on people’s health. This is reflected in Dubai which is now positioning itself as an up and coming medical & health destination,” concluded Simon Press, Senior Exhibition Director of ATM.

Arabian Travel Market (ATM) is the leading travel and tourism event in the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.

Wellness gets a health check at Arabian Travel Market 2018

ATM Logo 2018

Wellness is an all-embracing industry sector with a wealth of health and lifestyle dimensions.  Within it, the spa sector has a defined place and purpose but spas are no longer the preserve of the luxury market and for successful growth, diversity and originality are key drivers.

Across the  Middle East, unique treatments and therapies have been created from the use of local rich resources to offer a wide menu of treatments from green caviar facials, 24-carat gold massages, or diamond dust exfoliating treatments, carving a niche in a competitive spa market.

According to a report on Spa & Wellness Travel which is produced exclusively for ATM, the number of 5-star hotel spas in Dubai will increase from 107 in 2017 to 157 in 2021. The Bulgari Spa and The Spa at Palazzo Versace Dubai are two of the big names driving the spa developments and revenues in the emirate.

Simon Press, Senior Exhibition Director of Arabian Travel Market added.  “Regionally, the spa sector is multi-faceted and sensitive to events and developments in many sectors, including global health, beauty and wellness trends. In 2017 we saw focus increase across these areas. Dubai was quick to capitalise and innovate, with the debut of a number of luxury-branded hotel spas.”

Wellness trips in 2015 to the GCC increased 44%, compared to 2013 while the number of spas increased 27% with Oman and Bahrain leading the growth. As for guest profile, Abu Dhabi saw more male and walk-in guests at 53% and 67% respectively, whereas in Dubai 58% of spa guests are female.

As wellness develops to become more immersive in today’s search for wellbeing, the future of the industry is expected to broaden its offering to embrace more tangible health benefits such as medical spa services, sleep therapies, nutritional consultations, and lifestyle evaluations.

“In 2018  and onwards, we expect to see these trends converge, further cementing Dubai and the region’s reputation as a leading medical, wellness and health destination.” commented Press.

Arabian Travel Market (ATM) is the leading travel and tourism event in the Middle East for inbound and outbound tourism professionals.







Ayurveda, the European way


Editor’s Review

It has been a very busy year so far and it’s starting to show. I’m eating more of the wrong foods to cope with looming deadlines, my mobile takes priority, my weight is nudging the scales and my skin has lost that freshness. I have no time to just be….

Is this just me or are we losing a sense of our existence, how we feel, how we view the world, who we are. Is there a disconnect between mind, body and spirit? Are we e-people, controlled by technology?

Slow forward to the gentle slopes of Austria, where church bells ring in synchrony with the collar bells attached to goats grazing. Where the Alps form a protective wrapping around the landscape – unpolluted air, solitude, silence. What better setting for an Ayurveda Resort amidst this cradle of tranquillity and peace in Hinterthiersee.

I was visiting for four days for a dose of holistic healing, European style, which meant local and seasonal food,  a western interpretation of treatments and, best of all, no jet-lag.

First was a consultation with the resident Ayurvedic doctor who proved intuitive and impressive in his pulse diagnosis and lifestyle evaluation. He delivered an accurate, informative assessment both with humour and an in-depth knowledge of Ayurvedic doctrines and healings. Based on my particular symptoms and constitution, a therapy plan was created which  combined herbal medicine, a nutrition programme with detox and supportive treatments.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine with historical roots in the  Indian subcontinent. It is the oldest form of medical science based upon the body’s protection of life against negative effects. Put simply, changes in the composition of the natural elements inherent within and around us  affect our health. When our “doshas” (bio-energies) are disturbed, the body becomes imbalanced,  causing illness. Diagnostic ayurvedic treatments can help to restore the body.

A salt rub is not for the faint-hearted, it’s vigorous and stimulating. Known as Upana, this Alpine scrub is used to release stressful energy and strengthen the immune system in preparation for cleansing and detoxing.  Its effects are then sealed in with a sauna visit.

The spa area houses a number of saunas differentiated by heat temperature and purpose.  The Kapha is a detoxifying steam bath, the Pitta a herb and clay sauna while the Vata is denoted as the gemstone and saltwater therapy.  There are several infra-red cabins,  a small gym, an indoor pool and various relaxation areas.

The resort exudes calm and intimacy which is visually reflected by a décor which splashes the colour purple alongside local timber panels to create an earthy feel.  Spiritual energy seems to ooze from buddha statues and handcrafted sculptures dotted around.

Meal times are quiet and pleasant. Each guest has an assigned table, a daily personalised agenda with personal encouragement and affirmations which I would read at regular times during the day. I would also peep enviably at those guests not following a specific programme – enjoying  seasonal, colourful dishes, artistically presented. For those of us on a stricter regime, the simple delicate detox dishes were served with encouragement and a knowing smile.

I was prepared for the  “purging cocktail” concocted to rid the body of toxins and waste products. It was administered by the medical team on the second day – so no cheating was allowed.  The remainder of the morning was confined to the room and close to the much needed facilities. I was grateful for the distraction of the mountain views from the balcony. Later, a belly massage continued the process, a treatment designed to strengthen and detoxify the tissues and release any blockages.

No caffeine, no sweet treats. I was suffering from a headache and tiredness from the previous day, natural reactions I was assured to a detoxification process. But to my delight, a head and body massage was on the day’s agenda, very timely. Billed as Shirodhara, this treatment is a traditional head treatment and body massage specifically to relieve stress-relating symptoms and it worked.

The atmosphere is cosy, friendly and supportive. Guests share their experiences in a positive light and are sympathetic to the effects endured. Many guests return  here for their annual MOT, some travel with supportive partners but most are alone. Days can be active with Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, Tai Chi walks, forest bathing and lectures, all providing a social opportunity or non-verbal company.

Guest rooms are tastefully furnished with amenities needed for this type of stay – a hot water bottle to help with liver detox and flasks for hot water, thoughtful and considerate, just like home!  And with 30 rooms and a staff of 50, service levels are high. The therapists are trained and conversant in the European Ayurveda discipline. Those I met monitored my progress along my ayurvedic journey.

When I left this inner sanctum to join the outside world, I felt consciously transformed, lighter in weight and freer of worries. My mind was now connected to my body and spirt.  The church bells seemed to be louder and more in tune and I noticed more goats munching  on the Austrian Alps. Ayurveda maybe ancient but it remains even more relevant today.

There are direct flights from the UK to Innsbruck and a one hour drive from the airport by taxi

Prices for a 7-day Pancha Karma programme are priced from € 1,525 excl. accommodation, single rooms from €166 pp/pn

European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof, Tyrol, Austria

European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof is included in the niche destinations distinctive portfolio