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Healthy Tenerife

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The Tenerife Tourism Corporation is gearing up to promote the island’s medical, health & wellness tourism offering.

Visitors to Tenerife will benefit from a range of top quality medical, surgical and wellbeing treatments at very competitive prices, due to the island’s tax incentives, while also enjoying the island’s attractive landscapes and all-year-round spring-like temperatures.

A new brand, Tenerife Medical Destination, which has  been designed to provide visitors to the island with access to trusted healthcare professionals and medical facilities such as hospitals, spas and hotels, taps into the increase in demand for health tourism in Tenerife.

Mr. Alberto Bernabé, Tourism Minister for the Tenerife Island Government, comments: “The number of tourists combining healthcare treatments with their holidays in Tenerife keeps increasing”. In order to meet this demand, Tenerife Tourism Corporation has launched the new Tenerife Medical Destination brand to offer visitors advice and help in finding top-quality services across the island.

Treatments available on the island range from therapeutic recreation and rehabilitation, dentistry and cosmetic surgery to aesthetic or cardiovascular treatments. Wellness treatments are also available which  include yoga and meditation as well as beauty treatments.



Can Bonastre Wine Resort, Barcelona


This destination is located in the heart of Barcelona’s Wine District, near the Montserrat Mountain. The resort harvests its grapes from the surrounding Penedes Vineyards in order to garantee quality local wines.

The Can Bonastre Acbua Wine & Beauty Spa offers unique treatments using the antioxidant properties of grape vines. Guests can choose from an extensive menu of services including various anti-stress treatments, silk protein manicures and pedicures, hydrotherapy, and different massages inspired by practices around the world.

Mas Salagros Eco-resort & Aire Ancient Baths, Barcelona


Located just outside of Barcelona, this destination is the first Eco-resort in Spain to become a member of Bio Hotels, the principal association of ecological hotels in Europe. This resort is 100% organic and offers guests a wide range of amenities including use of Roman thermal baths dating back to 1497, views of the countryside, and meals made with ingredients from their onsite farm.

SHA Wellness Clinic Medical Spa Resort

SHA_Wellness Clinic Area_2

The award-winning SHA Wellness Clinic is an international pioneering wellness clinic dedicated to significantly improving and prolonging health and wellbeing. Regarded as one of the best medical spas in Europe, SHA combines natural therapies originating from ancient Eastern wisdom with the most advanced Western techniques. The Clinic is renown for cutting-edge programmes which include everything from weight loss and detox to cognitive brain training, de-addiction, sleep recovery.

The established SHA method was created and supervised by world renowned experts, including the famous Michio Kushi, who was appointed president of the World Federation of Natural Alternative Medicine in 1995 and has been advisor to many international organizations like the UN and the World Health Organization. Today he is regarded as the father of modern macrobiotics.